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We see them everywhere, fabric flowers on crafts, hair pieces, dresses and more and they are really SO simple to make! I decided I wanted to add some extra decor to a few of my craft pieces and the fabric flower is a great add on without over doing it! In fact I love making these so much I just sat down and made a handful so I have them on hand for different craft projects as I need.

(Please ignore the fact that my fingers are dirty and covered in paint, I was working on another project and didn’t bother cleaning up apparently, haha)

Simple Fabric Flower Tutorial


What you’ll need:

A piece of fabric at least 1in wide and 3ft long

Hot Glue Gun


Lots of patience



Step 1 – Glue your fabric:

If you’ve cut a piece of fabric like I did (mines about an inch wide) then you have two frayed edges you need to clean up. Easiest way to do this is to fold the piece over once and glue it together leaving one solid clean edge and one frayed edge. It’s ok to have one side of the fabric flower frayed, it won’t be noticeable.




Step 2 – Roll your flower bud:

Now that your fabric is solid you will want to start rolling the little bud. Take the top corner and fold it down 90 degrees into a triangle shape and then fold it upwards in that same method. After these two folds you can start rolling. Roll it in a few times until you get a good small bud to start with. Glue the piece onto the fabric line to hold it in place so it doesn’t unravel.


Step 3 – Create you fabric flower petals:

This is the fun but difficult part, I can say once you get it the flower will be a breeze, but it may take a few times of trying. Don’t give up, keep going until you get it right and you won’t regret it! For the first few petals you make you will want to glue it EACH time, after that you can glue it every two to three rolls.

1. With the bud in your left hand and line on fabric in your right you will want to twist the fabric line at a long angle and roll your bud to the end of that fold and glue.

2. After you glue you will notice the frayed fabric is now on the top instead of the bottom. Give the fabric a full twist to move the solid side back on top, roll to the end of that fold and glue.

3. Repeat step 1, twist the fabric line at a long angle and roll your bud to the end of that fold and glue.

4. Repeat step 2, twice the fabric all the way around so the frayed part is back on the bottom, roll to the end and glue.

5. As you go along repeating steps above you will want to gradually bring the fabric upwards to create a flowered effect. You do not have to do this to an extreme amount, just slowly keep going up.

Keep this process going until you have about 3 inches left on the fabric piece


Step4 – Close your fabric flower:

Now that you have all your petals done and glued you will want to close up your flower! Take the remaining fabric and wrap it around the bottom base with a few good spots of glue to hold it in place. You can either leave your end piece hanging off like I did above or cut it so there’s no overhang.

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