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I am currently re-doing my office (ok, it was never decorated to begin with.. thanks mommyhood) and decided to really decorate it this time since I am in here to stay. I went with a soft color palette (blue/white/grey) and I have had a BARE wall for 5 months now. 5 months. It’s horrible, I stare at this huge blank wall all day long. So I decided to do something about it and create a nice corkboard to pin all my random notes to and whatever else! I will say this is one of the easiest projects i’ve actually done to date, it really surprised me!

Easy Fabric Cork Board Craft


What you’ll need:

Unframed cork board (I picked up two at Walmart for $9 for the set)

Fabric of choice  (I used a chevron pattern and love it)

Set of upholstery pins (You can get these on amazon)

Spray adhesive

Measuring tape or ruler


Step 1 – Cut and Glue:

First thing you want to do is cut your fabric to size, make sure to go about an inch or side longer than the cork board so you have plenty of fabric to wrap around. Once your fabric is cut lay it out on a flat surface, spray the adhesive on the board and lay it on top of the fabric. Press down for a minute on all areas to make sure it sticks.

Once you have it attached flip it over and start smoothing out the fabric to remove any bubbles and make sure it sticks to the board well. Then cut a square out of each corner piece around the board, this will make folding it over an easier process and smoother looking around the edges.


Step 2 – Tighten and glue:

Once you have your cutting done and the fabric is adhered to the main part of the cork board you can start pulling and gluing the back end. Spray one edge of the back of the board with the adhesive, give it a few seconds, then pull the fabric over the glued area making sure to pull it tight so there isn’t a loose area on the edge. Repeat this step for all four sides.


Step 3 – Adding your upholstery pins:

Now it’s time to start adding some style! I went with some upholstery pins, while they are not necessary, they do give the board a nice border! Start in one corner with pin where you want it, then remove the pin and grab your ruler. You will want to measure the distance of that hole from each edge and then with a pencil mark the spot for your next hole above and so on. I went about 2- 2 1/2 inches apart on mine and it evened out pretty well.

Why do it this way you ask? Simple, you start putting a bunch of large holes in this thing that aren’t lined up properly it could quickly turn into a mess! It’s easier to measure, mark, measure, mark and then go back and place all your pins in the correct spots!


Step 4 – Decorate:

You can decorate your board any way you like or leave it just like it is, I chose to add an N for our last name to give it some flare, you can also use flowers, buttons or whatever else you’re in the mood for! And that’s it, you have a super easy fabric cork board craft!

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  1. Cute! How did you adhere the letter? Hot glue?

    1. Yes ma’am, hot glue gun!

  2. Did you use a cork foam board or just a cork board?

    1. I used the foam type you can pick up at Walmart 🙂

      1. Will it work with reg cork board and npt foam? As for as glue gun and Spray adhesive?

  3. How big is your letter?

    1. It’s probably 4 inches or so I would say

  4. What did you use to hang or display it?

    1. For awhile I had it leaned up on a table against the wall and then hung it up on a side board in our kitchen with some removable adhesive putty

  5. Very cute! I wonder how the foam board is holding up after a couple months of use? Id like to make one as a gift to display kids’ art, but want to be sure they holes don’t “stretch out”, heavier items fall, etc. Thanks!

    1. It’s held up well! Though I don’t add/remove items but every few weeks so it hasn’t been pinned as much as a standard cork board i’d say. I try to keep my pins in the same spot just for appeal sake/less holes in the fabric

  6. sarah j draper says:

    Where did you buy the upholstery pins at?