not your average homemaker!

From weekend DIY projects to stupid easy recipes that any working mom can tackle, we’re rebelling against the standard homemaker lifestyle and wingin’ it one day at a time!

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amazon shop

Part of being rebellious is shopping at the most consumerist site there is, because we don’t always have time for Target.

TikTok Favs

Let’s face it, we’re all sucked in at this point! Here are a few of our favorite Tiktok ideas we’ve implemented at home!

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weekend projects

Short on time? Me too! Here are some fun projects to tackle this weekend.

Laura, author of Homemaking Rebel.
Laura, author of Homemaking Rebel.

Not your average homemaker

Hey there, i’m Laura!

Ever have that one weird friend who laughs at their own jokes? That’s me!
I spend my days designing, decorating, TikToking, drinking too much coffee, blaring 90s music and getting weird looks from other adults because I don’t know how to adult right.

get organized

Nothing makes the weekdays easier, and the weekends more enjoyable, than being organized!


We are all about easy here, check out some of our favorite weeknight meals below!