What is Homemaking Rebel?

It’s a little bit of everything… from weekend DIY projects, tidbits to make you laugh and take the edge off, to easy recipes any working mom can tackle! I am a working mom myself and I know how big of a struggle it can me, I am tired of feeling like I have to be the perfect homemaker – so i’m rebelling!

Who is Homemaking Rebel for?

It’s for the moms who, like me, refuse to believe we have to conform to the typical stereotype of motherhood. It’s not the 50’s anymore where you could support a household on one income. Life isn’t that easy.

It’s for the moms who admit they can’t do everything and are finally coming to terms with that being OK.

It’s for the women who are just downright tired of being tired and want to take back their life and time.

Laura, Owner of Favorite Printables.

Hey, I’m Laura!

By day (and sometimes late into the night) I run a full time website design business which I established over a decade ago (crazy how time flies!) and a free printable site Favorite Printables where I can create to my hearts content!

When i’m not designing things I am spending time with my best friend and two overly dramatic, but still just as awesome, girls ages 6 and 10. (You may find some stuff on here with their input!)

A Bit about me…

  • I love coffee. A LOT. Like a lot a lot.
  • I am the first to admit motherhood is hard and just downright sucks sometimes.
  • We tell our kids they will probably need therapy one day from us and, when that day comes, we’ll go with them to be yelled at.
  • I’m a 90’s kid through and through. I still jam out to Reba and Weezer on a weekly basis and yes, my taste in music is all over the place haha.
  • I also refuse to believe that the 90s were 30 years ago.
  • I have the worst “dad jokes” ever and I am very proud of them.
  • Musicals are my jam, if they’ve made it i’ve watched it. Even the creepy Cats one (but the actual Broadway musical is my FAVORITE ever!)
  • I’m a high school dropout turned entrepreneur and there ain’t no shame in it (just don’t tell my kids yet).
  • My husband is my all time best friend, and I don’t just say that. I wouldn’t want to do the day-to-day with anyone else.
  • Shopping is my therapy, preferably Costco and HomeGoods.
  • I could eat Chicken Salad Chick all day every day.

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