Welcome to Homemaking Rebel!

Laura (that’s me) is a 30 year old self proclaimed website designer, weirdo, do it yourselfer, pretend cook, neat freak and so many more things I choose not to notice.

Scott (the husband) is an avid builder of anything metal, wood, playdough or whatever else he can get his hands on. He’s made a career out of machine work but has a passion for building furniture and procrastination of all things household related.

Chloe (the toddler) is a sassy threenager with a lot on her mind and little care as to what you think. She’ll pee in the middle of Target, embarrass a stranger in the bathroom and tell you you’re not her best friend in a span of 5 minutes (and then quickly make you her best friend again when you have popcorn). There’s nothing this kid is afraid of except spiders and monsters and the occasional frog.

We live in North Georgia, grew up in Georgia and will probably retire work till we die in Georgia and I love it here. Except during the summer.. and winter.. but I love the fall!!

Homemaking Rebel is about all things life, DIY, parenting, travel, cooking (or failed attempts at it) and whatever else we can think of!