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If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your child’s room you can easily create a name banner for them to match their personality and decor! We recently redid our daughter’s room and I decided to finally get crafty with it now that the Dr. Seuss decor was gone! I’ve seen these in store and always loved them but i’m a bit stingy and didn’t want to fork out the money so I decided to wing it and do it myself!

Do it Yourself Child’s Name Banner

name banner supplies

Supplies you’ll need:

Scrap fabric of your color choice (I went to Walmart and found a section with different color square pieces packaged together that worked perfectly!) – $6-$12

Wooden Letters for the name

Cardboard box or scraps of carboard pieces – Free if you have some lying around

Buttons and any other accents you want

Ribbon at least 4ft long, length will varey based on name

Acrylic paint (your choice of colors to coordinate with fabric)

Hot Glue Gun


Step 1 – Cut your triangles:

First thing you need to do is cut out your triangles to use for your name banner, cut them into 12″ shapes on each side and do as many as needed for your child’s name. My daughter has 5 letters in her name so I actually cut 6 to have a spare just in case I messed up somewhere (it happens). Easiest method to get them exact is to use a ruler and draw out the first triangle, cut it, then use it to trace the remaining triangles so they are proportional.


Step 2 – Glue on fabric:

Choose the fabrics you want for each triangle and cut accordingly, leaving enough left over on the edges to wrap around the cardboard back piece. Use your glue gun to glue the back fabric in place making sure the front is pulled tight. Let each piece dry for a few minutes, since you’re using hot glue it won’t take long for them to set in.


Step 3 – Paint the letters:

Now that you have your fabric set up you’ll want to paint the letters for each banner. I prefer to do the fabric part first so you can color coordinate your letters to the fabric you’re using for that piece. Obviously you don’t want pink fabric and pink lettering on top so try to mix and match them. Paint each letter and let them sit to try for a few hours adding another coat or two during that time to make sure they have even coverage.


Step 4 – Piece together your banner:

Now that you have your lettering ready to go you’ll want to use your hot glue gun to start placing them on the name banner, I recommend placing out the letters on the banners first to adjust placement. Once you have the placement you want then start gluing. This will only take a few minutes to dry.

Once the letters are in place here goes the fun part, embellishments! Glue on some buttons, flowers, bows, whatever else you want on your name banner to help make it pop! I chose some simple buttons I picked up at the store to match the color scheme I was going with. Randomly place and glue them throughout the banner however you like.


Step 5 – Piece it all together:

Now that your banners are ready to go it’s time to add the ribbon and string them together! The length of the ribbon will vary depending on the length of your child’s name, make sure to leave enough room on each end to tie the ribbon into loops for hanging. I left about a foot on each end of the banner so it could drape easily. You can always cut it back down so it’s better to have too much ribbon than not enough!

Just use your glue gun and give a nice thick coat of glue between the banner and the ribbon. Since we’re using cardboard the banner elements will not be overly heavy so a good thick ribbon will be able to hold them with no problems.

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