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My husband is a huge ‘junk saver’ and I never really understood it, the neat freak in me always wanted to clean out his garage! It didn’t take long for me to realize how his junk could easily turn into awesome treasures like this mason jar craft for a simple flower box I am in love with! It took all of 5 minutes to put together and has such a natural rustic look to it which I adore.

Mason Jar Craft Project: DIY Flower Box


What you’ll need:

An old wooden box (you can find these almost anywhere if you look hard enough)

3 large mason jars

spray paint in your choice of color


Create your flower box:

This one is a simple mason jar craft project, simply sand the box to clean it off well (you always want to do this before painting) and then spray the box with a few good even coats on the spray paint you chose. Once it’s dry drop your mason jars inside and place your flowers!

I will be switching the flowers out as needed, i’m just happy to have a good excuse to buy flowers for myself once a week  😉

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