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During one of my thrift store ventures the other day I came across one of those basic and inexpensive spice racks you typically see at Walmart or Target and my mind automatically went to “how can I use this for crafts?!”. Well it was simple.. organizing my paint!! I am in love with this easy paint organizer plus it makes things super simple when working on projects (and it’s not a bad decor piece either!)

Make your own craft paint organizer


What you’ll need:

Small spice rack organizer (I picked mine up for $1.50 at the thrift store) Spray paint color of choice 1 wood block to fit inside (not pictured – you’ll want to measure your rack to see the size you need) 1 long screw step1paint

Step 1 – Paint your stand:

First step is to get this thing the color of your choice! I am a huge fan of spray paint (I probably own more cans than pairs of shoes) as it’s easy to use and does really well on these simple projects!

Step 2 – Measure, Cut and Spray:

Why are we adding this piece of wood directly in the middle? Well these holes are meant for spice bottles which tend to be larger and thicker than the paint bottles, so you need to add a block on the inside to prevent them from sliding through as you turn your paint organizer (trust me.. we ran into that problem). Measure your paint organizer/spice rack from top to bottom on the inside to see how tall you need your block of wood. We had spare pieces sitting around so we just used the table saw to cut it to exact height. After cutting your wood make sure it fits inside properly without a lot of wiggle room. Then you’ll want to paint this the same color you chose for the rack so it blends in as much as possible.   step2paint

Step 3 – Put your paint organizer together:

Once the block of wood is dry you’ll want to insert it into your stand, you can shove it in there but you’ll quickly notice it won’t stay in place well. No worries, there’s an easy solution to that! Turn your rack over and you’ll notice a screw holding in the bottom piece to spin it. Unscrew that and remove the piece and screw (you’ll be replacing this with a longer screw that can go through to the block of wood). Place your wood inside the paint organizer/spice rack and measure it from each side to center it properly. Once the wood is in place turn your rack over and piece your bottom piece back together with the longer screw this time, screw it back in (you’ll need a drill for this part) so that the piece goes all the way through to the block of wood to hold it in place.

Step 5 – Add your paint to your new organizer:

Add your paint to your new organizer and voila, you’re all set and organized now to easily access all your favorite colors!

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  1. I so need to do this!! Easy and looks great… Pinned!