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We have a huge ottoman in our living room and very little ‘table space’ so to speak which is why I love serving trays and even more than that I loved the idea of making one just my style! It seems whenever you need an item on a budget you can only find bland or mismatched decor, never anything that actually matches and fits your budget! So I decided to make my own serving tray from a fun thrift store find!

Make Your Own Serving Tray


Supplies you’ll need:

Thrift store serving tray (I picked up a rather ugly one at Goodwill for just $4!)

Spray Paint (your choice of color)

Fabric of choice (I used this chevron pattern and love it)

Hot Glue

Sanding Paper (optional)

Spray adhesive (optional)


Step 1 – Sand and paint your serving tray:

Since this serving tray was a little ‘used’ I decided to sand it down a bit before painting just to scuff out all the irregular areas. Once that was done (only took a few moments) it was spray painting time! Give it a few good coats about an hour apart until you reach your desired color and thickness. I did about five solid coats on mine since I wanted to sand it at the end.


Step 2 – Sand for character:

Once it’s all dry it’s time to sand again! This helps give it a more rustic style look, the more you sand the more character you will give your serving tray.


Step 3 – Add the fabric:

Once you have your trey finished and ready you can now add your fabric! You will want to measure the inside of the serving tray to make sure you’re cutting the correct size. I recommend placing the fabric inside the tray and marking the sides with a pencil. Once your measurements are marked it’s time to cut! Cut the fabric a little extra on the length so you can fold and have a smooth edge over frayed fabric edge. I cut about an inch each side to give it plenty of room (you can always cut down).

Once your sides are marked you will want to fold one side and glue it down with your glue gun from corner 1 to corner 2, you don’t want to glue it all down at once in case the measurement may be off. Once you have the one side complete you can continue on to the other two corners adjusting your folds as needed. I used a spray adhesive when pulling the fabric from corner 1 and 2 to the other side to help the middle section stick well and smoothed it along as i went to eliminate any bubbles.


Step 4 – Enjoy your new serving tray:

You are all set! The hot glue and adhesive spray will dry rather quickly so you are ready to use it wherever you like!

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