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My office tends to be my little sanctuary, it’s also where I spend most of my time working and crafting so I wanted to give it a nice comfortable feel with the decor. I have a rather large and bare wall above my desk I wasn’t sure what to do with, I couldn’t find any photos that really ‘fit’ in the large space and more shelving wasn’t really something I wanted. So I decided to get a little creative and created some awesome fabric panels. They fit perfectly and really brings the room together!

Make your own fabric panels


What you’ll need:

Home Decor fabric pattern(s) of choice – the yards will depend on what patterns you want to use where (I ordered mine here and love them!)

Wood panels – We cut wood we had extra of into 2in x 1in pieces, you can pick these up from many home improvement stores at that size as well

Drill and screws

Staple Gun


DIY Fabric Panels

Step 1 – Cut the frame for your fabric panels

You will need to decide what size panels you want to make and cut your wood to size, I went with 3ft x 18in for my large panels and a solid 18in x 18in for my square panels. You can get creative with this and size them however you want the layout to look.

Once you know your measurements you’ll want to cut the wood frames, there will be a bit of math involved to figure out what size you need to cut. You will be screwing all these pieces together to make a frame.


Step 2 – Piece together your frame

Tips: You will want to pre-drill your holes for each piece if possible, this will prevent splitting of the wood. This isn’t required but it does help with the process. I also recommend using wood glue to make sure it holds well also.

Take two pieces and add the wood glue to one end and place it where the sides need to connect. With a drill screw your screw through your pre-drilled hole from one piece to the other. Repeat this process for all sides.

Your end result should be four pieces screwed together to make a hollow frame.



Step 3 – Cut your fabric and stretch  over panels

Now that your frames are ready you can measure and cut your fabric. Lay out the fabric piece and place the panel on top for easy measurements, make sure to leave about 1in to 1 1/2in of fabric on each side so you can wrap it around the frame.

Once the fabric is cut you’ll want to start stretching it across the frame. Start with one side and stretch the fabric over the frame and staple it onto the inside of the frame, in essence your fabric piece is wrapping from the outside in so no edges show on the final piece. Continue on to the opposite side and repeat these steps, make sure to stretch the fabric as tight as you can. Once both sides are complete continue on to the others, once you reach the final edge make sure to stretch the fabric as tight as you possibly can and staple.

Last step is your corner pieces, you can fold them however you’d like but I recommend going with the hospital style fold typically used on bed sheets (That’s the easiest way for me to explain this step, haha). Fold and pull tight on the inside adding a staple or two to hold it in place.



That’s it, your fabric panels are set to go! You can get so creative with this and styles are almost endless. Have fun with it!

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