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Shopping Sign Pin

I have been in desperate need of a shopping list in my kitchen, the pads on the fridge always seemed to disappear for card night and end up getting lost so I needed a new solution! I thought of the roll of paper I have for my toddler from Melissa and Doug and I knew it would be perfect but, obviously, just the roll of paper wasn’t enough.. it needed some style, some pizzazz to make it the perfect kitchen decor!

Kitchen Decor Ideas – DIY Shopping List Board

Shopping Supplies
Note: not all supplies are pictured here

Supplies needed:

Block of wood

Roll of paper (I purchase the Melissa and Doug one on Amazon here for cheap)

1 thick dowel rod

Hot glue

Twine (get a roll at the dollar store, works awesome)

Hacksaw blade (find it here or at your local hardware store if you don’t have one)


Nail gun


Step 1 – Cut your wood and roll of paper

This is the most important step, I had to re-do my roll quite a few times during this project so i’m going to spare you the headache and hope you learn from my mistakes 😉 Make sure your wood is at least an inch wider than your roll of paper. The roll I purchases here on Amazon was wider than my wood so I had to cut it down to size with the saw. You’ll probably need to do this as well so to save you from making multiple cuts go ahead and cut it an inch smaller at least to fit properly.

If you want to style your block with something cute and custom like I did you can check out my post here on how to create your own custom wood sign, I used that same method to style this one.

Shopping Step 1

Step 2 – Add your roll to the board

This is where you’ll be using the dowel rod and twine. Cut a long piece of twine (it’s cheap so no worries if you go too long) and wrap one end onto the end of the dowel rod, use the hot glue to hold it together. I wrapped mine around twice then tide a knot and used glue to hold that in place.

After you glue the first side you’ll want to slip your roll of paper onto the rod, this is important as you need it on there before you glue both ends (trust me, i got in a hurry and completely forgot to add the roll)!

Shopping Step 12

This part can be a bit tricky, I decided to glue one end of twine to the rod and hang it where I wanted the roll to fall on my board, then go around the back with the nail gun and nail down the twine all the way across to the other side. Once there I twisted and glued the twine to the other end of the rod. I wanted to ensure I had it at the exact length I wanted.


Shopping Step 3

Step 3 – Add your hacksaw blade

The hacksaw blade is absolutely perfect to hold the end of the roll of paper and the jagged edges cut the paper perfectly (you can thank my husband for this genius idea).

I will note that we had to cut our hacksaw blade, I had used a spare piece of wood left over from another project so it wasn’t quite 12″ long like the blade. This took some extra efforts on my husbands part to cut it, we used the drimmel tool to smooth it out and match the other end and then re drill a new hole.

Screw both ends of the blade onto your board, we used washers to pick it up off the board just a hair so the paper could slide through easier. It worked out perfectly!

After you add the blade simply slide your roll through and voila, you have a super awesome shopping list to hang anywhere! if you want to hang a pen from it like I did (pens seem to walk off at my house) just staple a piece of twine to the board and tie the pen to the other end and let it hang!

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