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A few weeks ago I painted some Mason jars for organizing and I loved the matte look but I wasn’t too fond of it for a vase or anything with a more practical use since the matte style tends to scrape off easily, I wanted that glossy Mason Jar look and feel to it! So instead of painting the outside of the jar.. I went with the inside and it was SO MUCH easier and the end result is fabulous!

How to Paint Mason Jars


What you’ll need

Mason Jar

Acrylic paint of your color choice

Cardboard sheet

Mason Jar Paint

Step 1 – Paint the mason jar

With your jar turned up squeeze your paint inside, use about half of a full bottle of paint. Then turn your jar on it’s side and gently twist it letting the paint run around the edges nice and thick. Continue this until it spreads out evenly and reaches the end.

Once the paint has reached the bottom, or almost there, turn the mason jar upside down on a piece of cardboard (the paint will drip out and you need somewhere to catch it).

mason jar vase

Step 2 – Drying process

Wait about 5 minutes and move the jar to a different spot, you’ll notice the first spot has quite a bit of paint that dripped out from the jar. Wait another 5-10 minutes and move the jar again. This will help prevent the paint from drying to the cardboard and sticking them together.

After a few moves you’ll notice the paint puddle start to lessen, at this point you can wait a bit longer to move it. I went from 5-10min two or three times to 20-30min apart after that.

Leave the jar upside down for a few hours until the paint starts to really dry, if you turn it up too soon you can run the risk of the paint streaking.


That’s it, you have a very simple and very colorful painted mason jar! You can do one as a vase or do a few in different colors to add a nice accent!

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  1. MaKayla Cummings says:

    Are the jars able to be used for drinking water and such, or will they scratch up? Thanks!

    1. The paint is on the inside of the jar so I would not recommend drinking out of it

  2. Hello!!! Do you think I can put acrylic water inside the mason jar to make a flower arrangement

  3. Christie Loyd says:

    So what would you recommend to add something to put in this jar? Maybe utensils ideal pot luck party or cook out? Real or fake flowers? Or, what else?