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Cork Board Vase Pin2

I bought me a glass vase for flowers awhile back and I’ve spent this entire time thinking of some fun craft project I could do with the vase (it was a bit bland) and then it hit me… cork board vase, perfect for the office! I know that probably sounds unconventional but it’s really an awesome idea and such a cute decoration piece!

DIY Easy Cork Board Craft – Cork Board Vase

Supplies you’ll need:

Tall slender vase
Cork board roll ( I found mine at Michaels but you can also find it here)


Step 1 – Cut your cork board

You will first need to cut the cork board roll in line with the height of the vase. This is a bit tricky, I recommend lying the vase down ontop of the cork board rolled out and drawing a line where you need to cut. I ended up using the entire roll of mine.


Step 2 – Roll the board onto the vase

This one was the toughest part, while this is a simple craft this aspect alone is quite a pain if you’re a perfectionist. Take the CUT end of the roll and place it at the bottom side of the vase so your smooth end displays at the top. Slowly roll the cork board onto the vase, removing the sticky part as you go.

Tip: I suggest slowly unrolling the white sticky layer as you roll your vase into it, keeping it tight and easier to manage.


Step 3 – Trim your cork board vase

While the board is probably on the best you could get it (that’s how it was for me) you may need to still do a bit of trimming. Use sharp scissors to go along the top edge and clean up any uneven pieces



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