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We finally bought ourselves a camper. I have camped since I was little in a tent and always LOVED it but my husband and I have different ideas of “camping”. My idea? Nice little campsite.. public bathrooms.. campfire.. His idea? Pooping in a hole in the middle of the woods and no hook ups. Needless to say we have never camped together since we got married. We needed a “middle ground” so to speak and buying a camper was it! Now it’s no airstream (my dream camper) but we have a private bath (yay us) a place to sleep and a hotel on wheels so we could go to his middle of nowhere sites and I still have all the basics. 

The price was a bit more than I planned on spending, to be honest. I am a cheapo, I like a deal.. I will hunt for a deal.. I refuse to go into debt for a toy. So we set a limit at $2,500. We found that within’ that limit we were seeing campers here that were either half torn apart or reeked of dog urine before you even opened the door or had no bathroom (seriously, a toilet was a MUST). BUT we did find a camper a bit above our price limit, $3,500 to be exact and it was perfect. Well it will be perfect after we rip some things out and do some updating that is. We met in the middle at $3,000 and we drove home with our first perdy new to us travel trailer! (note: we saved up for this baby and it was a Christmas gift to ourselves to enjoy for years to come, some purchases are just worth it!)

There are quite a few flaws with this camper but nothing we can’t fix on our own. Like ripping out the oddly placed full size bed (who needs seating space anyways, right?). These are a few shots from the listing, unfortunately I got too excited and started ripping stuff out before I took some shots on my own haha

Our goals:

  • Remove the full size bed and build a custom pull out (bed already removed, an air mattress will do until we finalize the project. It HAS to be more comfortable than a thin piece of foam on plywood!)
  • Recover all the fabric (Americana is cute, but just not me.. our goal is classic, retro and cozy)
  • Repaint the cabinets
  • Repair and/or replace the paneling on the inside (goodbye 90s walls)
  • Replace outside awning (it works but it’s old!)
  • Replace table top with an old fashioned metal one (this may or may not be do-able but I have been holding onto a top for years in hopes of using it somewhere!)
  • Put in an oven. Somewhere. A camper NEEDS an oven!!
  • Create more storage

I am really beyond excited to get to work on this puppy.. right after we take it for a test drive for a weekend 😉

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