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This is the book every mom needs! “There Are Moms Way Worse Than You” is one of the best books for motherhood i’ve seen to date.

There Are Moms Worse Than You book cover.

Forget self help – All moms need this book!

Forget the self help books, moms need to stop trying to one up the other mom at the playground and simply realize, you’re not the worst mom! There are moms worse than you, and somedays, that’s enough to keep you going. Unless you’re like the serial killer Belle Gunness or something, then I can’t help you. But I digress..

The book “There Are Worse Moms Than You” has quickly become a fan favorite! I first saw it on TikTok and HAD to have it. In fact, I ordered two copies for my girls to gift them when they’re new moms and feel like they’re drowning and suck at everything (we all do).

Think of it as a mix between a children’s book (it’s not, by the way) and the parenting book you never knew you needed. It does include some language that is not suitable for kids, so keep that in mind!

What does the book include?

Well, I will tell you my friend. But only a few things! This author absolutely deserves her work to be recognized and purchased without too many spoilers.

“If a quokka mom comes face to face with dingoes in the wild,
guess what she’ll do to get away? That’s right – she’ll toss her child.”

“A mom giraffe is pretty nice until the fetus drops.
She’ll birth a newborn baby calf, then kick him ’til he walks.”

“Whenever you feel guilty that you haven’t cleaned the house:
Sexton beetles raise their kids in a decomposing mouse.”

There Are Moms Worse Than You - Inside Book.

Go support the author

This author deserves all the kudos. For being real, honest, and downright funny!

It’s not a serious book, so please don’t feel like you’re going to get some extraordinary revelation from it, let’s lower those expectations now. But it is fantastic for a fun and light hearted read!

Read the book?

Did you read this book or do you now have to have it, like I did? Share your thoughts below!

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